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Opening ceremony of Pakistan Association of Computing and Technology (PACT) in Riyadh
Shaheen Javed,  Sama News – Riyadh (19-May-2011)


Mr Zia Ullah Shams, the Commercial Attaché, laid a foundation at the Opening Ceremony held in Pakistan Embassy – Riyadh. The Inauguration was Organized and Managed by a company called ValueBoxx, they are a Corporate events management company based in Riyadh and they conduct events through-out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Inauguration was a success and in direct collaboration with Pakistan Embassy, TDAP, GEM Expo and ContactPakistan.

The ceremony was initiated with the recitation from the Holy Quran. The main objective of PACT is recognition of Pakistani talent and combine it with efforts to provide a winning direction. PACT has provided the community a platform where the expert and experienced in IT sector would not only carry their duties but also make the name of Pakistan shine. Chief guest at the Ceremony was Mr. Ayaz Mohammad Khan (Ambassador of Pakistan) at which ,nine different Companies from various sub-sectors of IT and different parts of Pakistan, attended and explained what their companies are capable of and how can their resources be best translated for the Saudi market. Information of the companies who participated are:

  1. ‘Abacus consulting Pvt (Ltd)’ introduced by their Vice President Mr Haider Abbas Naqvi
  2. ‘Arizona Computer Services Pvt (Ltd)’ introduced by their CEO  Mr Masood ahmed baloch
  3. ‘A to Z creators’ introduced by their Director Mr M. Zohaib khan
  4. ‘Business beam Pvt (Ltd)’ introduced by their Managing Director Mr Ikram Ahmad Khan
  5. ‘E-Access Pvt (Ltd)’ introduced by their Chief Technical Director Mr Awais Zahid
  6. ‘Extream engineering Co.o solution’ introduced by their Director Mr Ahsan Farooq
  7. ‘Kulitatem Pvt (Ltd)’ introduced by their CEO Mr Jamil Anwer
  8. ‘Server 4 sale Pvt (Ltd)’ introduced by their Technical Director Mr Muhammad Munaf
  9. ‘Royal cyber inc’ introduced by their Business Development Director Mr Abrar rauf’

Later the President of Pakistani Association of Computing & Technology, Mr Abdus Saboor Butt, explained the objectives and milestones PACT has deliberated to hit for the growth and forming diligence of the Businesses in the Region and the Pakistani professional. He also claimed that Pakistani Professionals and IT resource-pool supervenes in all conceivable aspects to what has been outsourced to India so far. He acknowledge the sales targets of $2.6 Billion of an Indian software firm who has targeted this value out of the MiddleEast Region and suggested the Pakistani Software houses to come up front, and with the expert assistance of PACT, try to at least achieve 20% of their target as a startup and later knock them out. He announced the ICT (IT & Communication Technology) budget forecasted for Saudi Arabia is around $9.9 Billion until the year 2013. He stated in his speech that Dr Khaled Al-Gosaibi, Minister of Economy & Planning, looks at International participations from leading IT companies to serve as Robust platform for K.S.A IT Development.

With this excellent initiative in the field of IT, PACT aims to be not just a Forum but also a place where the community can land to gain translated & updated knowledge of IT and fill in the information-gap. At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Ayaz Mohammad Khan, appreciated Mr Abdus Saboor Butt and his team to take initiatives at this valuable objective of PACT formation. Full support by the Embassy assured, PACT would be given a boost in Pakistani society and would be utilized at its maximum possible levels.
Later at the end of the Ceremony, in direct collaboration with Symantec, a Lucky draw session was arranged by PACT President and 5 gifts were distributed among the guests. The gifts included 5 Internet Security Suite licenses provided in Cooperation by Symantec as a 1 year’s Complimentary license. Finally volunteers at the Ceremony were handed a recognition certificate by Mr Abdus Saboor Butt himself as appreciation of their services to make the Ceremony a success.


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